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DIY Pest Control for Indoor Insects

If just the mention of nits, gnats, bugs and slugs makes your skin crawl, you’re definitely not alone. While screaming out loud may ease your aggravation, it won’t get rid of the “pestinfest” that dares to breach the threshold of your living space. Should you initiate organic pest control methods using household products? Do you buy the best indoor bug repellent or insect repellent house sprays, tablets or baits? Do you have children or pets? You’re now beginning to see this problem that’s bugging you is going to need a strategy.

Step 1: Identify Your Pests

Are you seeing dead bugs, bread bugs or bed bugs? If you can’t identify the pests, there are online pest guides to help you identify creepy crawling insects, spiders and bugs. You will also find methods for removal, some quick and easy, others not so much.

Step 2: Determine Where Pests Originate

Are the buggers just on a houseplant? Are they burrowed into your carpet or area rug? Are they in the air? Are they near your foods or in the kitchen? Just like people, bugs are drawn to food. Identifying where the pests originate can help with how you exterminate.

Step 3: Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Extra caution must be taken when children and animals are walking or crawling on carpets, area rugs or other flooring where repellents, tablets or baits may be placed. If the area of concern is small, you may be able to isolate it altogether from a child or pet (i.e. take an infested plant outdoors.) If not, ensure that the pest control product(s) you use is child, pet and green-friendly and use the product as directed.

Step 4: Call In The Exterminator

If the pests are resistant to normal pest control methods, if you identify that the problem is extensive with more than one source of origination, or if pests are damaging your property, ask a pest control expert for advice on how they can critter-proof your living space. Calling in a professional could cost far less than allowing the problem to continue unchecked. Look for companies offering discount deals or coupons for free estimates or a free treatment for new customers.

Designate. Isolate. Infiltrate. Terminate.

In summary, follow these easy steps to help rid yourself of unwanted guests:

    • Designate or classify the identity of the pest.
    • Infiltrate or invade the critters at the source.
    • Isolate or separate the problem by removing the source, if possible. 
    • Terminate using a product designed to eliminate the problem or call in an expert pest control specialist.

BONUS TIP: The absolute best pest control method is prevention. Avoid the “botheration” of a pest invasion:

  • Don’t make it easy for the creatures to dine on cookie crumbs on your countertops. Word travels fast when a food source is easy for the taking. 
  • Don’t leave food in your garbage disposal. 
  • Take the trash out of your home, especially when you’ve tossed out food scraps.


Elaine Ozimok Valpak