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Electrical Maintenance for Almost Everything in Your House

Save time and money by tackling these simple DIY projects and home maintenance tasks for things that live on electricity.

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How to Fix Minor Home Appliance Issues

Do your bank account a favor. Turn these appliance problems into DIY projects before turning to a professional repair service.

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Septic Tank Installation – Replacing Septic Tank and Drain Field

Replacing a septic tank can be a daunting undertaking. But when armed with pertinent information, your process will be much smoother. Click to find out more!

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Appliance Repair vs. Appliance Replacement

When it comes to appliance repair or appliance replacement, there are several questions that need answered before you decide to tank it or crank it. Throwing good money after a bad home appliance doesn’t fix anything. Consider these questions first:

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DIY Pest Control for Indoor Insects

Looking for pest control advice that you can do yourself? Follow these 5 simple steps to get rid of your unwanted bugs and insects in your home.

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Choosing a Water Softener: Getting Tough on Hard Water

Find the right water softener for your home’s hard water and get more life out of your appliances as a result. 

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How to Start an Herb Garden

Growing an herb garden is one of those projects that will continue to give as long as you nurture it…and it can be a huge money saver! But where do you start?

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So You Want to Start a Garden

It’s time to start your garden, but before you start purchasing plants and flowers from your local nursery, ask yourself these questions: 

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Home Re-wiring Do's and Don'ts

Your home’s electrical system is complicated. Doing the wrong thing could start a fire, and touching the wrong thing could be fatal. Here are a few things to do — and not do — when it comes to your home’s wires.

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Irrigation Systems 101: In-ground Sprinklers

When you choose an irrigation system, you have to keep in mind three things: convenience, conservation and efficiency. Because portable sprinklers can be lacking in all three areas, we’ll focus here on in-ground systems.

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