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Carpet Stain Removal: Pro Tips and Tricks

You have a gorgeous carpet that has a red wine stain in the middle of it. You have a few options. You can either toss the carpet, live with the stain or try to remove it. We’re going to try to remove it.

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Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Wall-to-wall carpeting adds beauty to a home and a softness and warmth unmatched by other floor coverings. But it’s also the first to show dirt and wear, so maintaining your carpet is important for long life and lasting looks. Here are simple steps you can take to keep your floor covering clean and fresh:

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Tips for Before, During and After A Closet Organization Project

A well-organized closet is a sign of successful spring cleaning. Whether you tackle this project head-on and all at once or string it out over days, a clean closet involves many steps, including de-cluttering and donating as well as storing and maintaining.

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