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Hidden Signs of a Damaged and Leaky Roof

Your roof is designed to protect you from the elements, but sometimes Mother Nature proves too powerful. From years of harsh sun to storms, damage builds up and will eventually lead to leaks. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Sometimes signs of a leaky roof are obvious, but not always. Here’s how to tell if you have a problem.

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How to Maintain Rain Gutters

Water is damaging to your home and landscaping. The job of a gutter is to carry rainfall and snowmelt off the roof, into the downspout and away from the foundation. If either the gutters or downspouts are clogged with leaves and twigs, they won’t work well. Make it a priority to clean them out in the spring and fall, or whenever a heavy rain covers your roof in debris.

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Do You Need to Replace Your Gutters?

Are your gutters rusting out or rotting out the wood on your house? Are you spending a lot of time on a ladder cleaning them out? You may need to upgrade them. Good news! You have more choices than ever. Here’s what to ask your gutter installer or what to buy if you do a DIY rain gutter replacement.  

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Benefits of Green Roof Gardens

Green roof gardens are transforming urban areas, bringing nature to new heights. The trend is catching on with not only commercial builders but homeowners in suburban areas, too.

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