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The exterior of your home is the first thing guests see when they come to visit, plus it’s what protects you against the harsh elements outside. Take care to make the exterior of your home both beautiful and efficient with some easy home improvement projects. You can find a wealth of inspiration right here on Fixability, or you can check out some of the coupons available to get a professional eye on your exterior home improvement project.

12 Exterior Coupons in Saint Petersburg

Red Royal Electric

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Suncoast Comfort Systems

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Clear Choice Windows & More

Coupons Available

Weatherproof Roofing Company

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Budget Blinds

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Armor Tech Windows & Doors

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Recreational Pool Spas & More

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6 Simple Updates for Your Pool or Spa

Updating a swimming pool is a great investment in your backyard enjoyment. What kind of investment? It can cost a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. From new tiles to tanning shelves, here are six simple ways to give your pool or spa a refresh on a reasonable budget. Go ahead -- take the plunge this year! 

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Repairs for Common Pool and Spa Issues

You have a stunning pool, but the area around it isn’t so hot. Here are fixes for a few common outdoor patio, pool and spa issues. 

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How to Repair Home Siding

House siding is designed to be sturdy, protecting your home from the elements. Still, it can be damaged and make your house vulnerable. Wind, rain, hail and accidental impact are the main reasons homeowners need siding repair. Improper installation can also cause it to fail early. Here’s how to spot problems and fix them quickly.

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Bright Exterior Paint and Bright Garden Accents for the Win

Some people can’t stand colorful houses, but it’s worth considering the trend for yourself, be­cause it will make you quite distinctive, setting you apart from the rest of the block. Coordinate your exterior paint and your landscaping well, and you’ll have a gor­geous house to be proud of for generations to come.

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