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4 Amazing Garage Door Updates

Your garage doors are one of the most noticeable features when you view your home from outside. If they are in need of a facelift, they can make your whole house exterior look a bit rundown. Here’s a list of four great ways — from small to large — you can update your garage doors.

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door?

You never realize how important your garage door is, until it stops working. Occasionally one of the panels may be damaged by a vehicle — crrr­runnnch! Or weather, wind and age may take their toll. If a panel or two of your garage door ends up looking less than its best, what should you do? Is it better to opt for a repair, or just replace the whole thing? Take these 4 things into consideration before deciding.

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How to Find Good a Handyman (or Handywoman)

Home ownership is not just a financial responsibility; it also requires continued time and labor. For overworked or overwhelmed homeowners, a handyman can help keep a house well cared for and running smoothly — if you can find one.

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