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Bright Exterior Paint and Bright Garden Accents for the Win

Some people can’t stand colorful houses, but it’s worth considering the trend for yourself, be­cause it will make you quite distinctive, setting you apart from the rest of the block. Coordinate your exterior paint and your landscaping well, and you’ll have a gor­geous house to be proud of for generations to come.

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Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Painting your home’s exterior is quite an undertaking. It has great potential to improve curb appeal and how you feel about your house. Take these cues from the pros to select the colors that you (and your neighbors) will feel about your house.

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How to Find Good a Handyman (or Handywoman)

Home ownership is not just a financial responsibility; it also requires continued time and labor. For overworked or overwhelmed homeowners, a handyman can help keep a house well cared for and running smoothly — if you can find one.

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Tips for Creating a Multi-Color Scheme Room

If you’ve had success painting accent walls in your home, maybe you’re ready to take the next step: creating a paint scheme using three or four colors in the same room. 

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